Guidelines for Leads

Queries are welcome and preferred. A query can save a writer much work

Length: 1,200 words maximum, excluding autobiography. Please respect this. Your article is not an exception.

Topics: Generally, but not totally, open. To be negotiated.

First Use Only: We purchase only first-use rights. We do not own the material.

Series: Is possible, must be extraordinary in topic and writing skills, and be negotiated. Stand-alone articles are preferred even in a series.

References: Attribute briefly within the text; avoid footnotes.

Bible references/version: For scant references use a full form (Romans), but in multiple references use a shortened form (Rom.). A modern translation, not a paraphrase, is preferred.

Audience: The audience is generally, but not exclusively, EMC members and adherents with a range of educational and cultural backgrounds.

Style: Profound thoughts are to be said in simple language. Use inclusive language (humankind over mankind). Do not use Mennonite in a cultural sense except when linked specifically (German Mennonite). When using Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Cree, High and Low German, translation is needed. Keep paragraphs short; use two or three short sentences. Include some bold subheads to help the flow. See The Messenger for examples.

Respect: It is important that articles be respectful in tone to other parts of the Christian Church and to people of a different opinion. Non-Christians read the magazine.

Format: We prefer crisp text, proper punctuation and spelling, double spacing, one-inch borders, 12 pt New Times Roman, .5 paragraph indent, one space after a sentence. Please do not have extra spacing between paragraphs. Please do not send PDFs.

Approval: We do not send back edited versions for writer approval. Please do not ask. Our assumption is that both writers and editors do good work.

Autobiography and mug shot: Please provide a photo and information (e.g., active church link, education).

Photos: To be sent in colour as JPEG attachments, normal size, and at least 300 DPI.

Honoraria: $135 for 1,200 words, $15 for photos (excluding mug shot); the single fee covers payment for article appearing in hard copy and on the Internet in PDF format. Reworked sermons are paid at two-thirds rate (because they have been paid for previously).

Commissioned/Kill Fee: If an article, or series, is commissioned and then deemed unsuitable by the editor, it will, if not rewritten, be “killed” with payment at half-fee for the first article only.

Addresses: Please submit articles to and include your regular address.