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  • Living in God's Kingdom to be Available Soon!

    March 08, 2016

    Living in God’s Kingdom: a practical study guide
    will be available by March 18, 2016. The material is suitable for Christianity 101, baptism and membership, youth, and other classes.

    It draws together the classical themes of Christian theology and Anabaptist emphases. There are six lessons: God and revelation, Jesus Christ and salvation, Holy Spirit and discipleship, the kingdom and the future, church and mission, and Anabaptist history.

    There is more material in each chapter than can be fully used in one lesson. The book can serve as a group study guide for six to twelve weeks, depending on how leaders select from and move through the lessons. A leader’s guide is also available.

    The book is fully a Tri-Con work, with the oversight, writing, and funding involving the three conferences. The writing team is chief writer Arlene Friesen (EMMC), Darryl Klassen (EMC), Debbie Funk (CMC), and Jayelle Friesen (EMC). The overseeing committee members are Eric Goertzen (CMC), Dr. Terry Hiebert (EMMC), Rebecca Roman (EMC), Lil Goertzen (EMMC), Ward Parkinson (EMC), and chairman Terry Smith (EMC).

    The book will be launched at SBC’s Leadership Conference on March 18-19, 2016. Before then copies can be obtained electronically and, after delivery, in print editions.