Inspirational Sessions

Change is inevitable. And unless a church creates healthy change in itself, it will soon become obsolete. The same could be said for the EM Conference, our churches, or our own personal lives. What guides us to ensure that change happens, and that it is in fact healthy? A three-part series could guide us in understanding how to change in healthy ways to our past, anchored on God’s Word, and relevant to our present call.

Friday, June 9, 7 p.m. | Moving Forward with Courage — Joshua

Joshua 1:1–9 | Joshua — our history as our guide (Moses, wilderness and covenant).

Remembering God’s faithfulness in our past gives us courage to move forward with confidence.

Saturday, June 10, 7 p.m. | When Enthusiasm Goes Wrong — Jephthah

Judges 10–11 | Jephthah — the Word as our guide (God’s teaching) in times of change.

Knowing God’s Word anchors us in making wise changes, and prevents well-intentioned enthusiasm, which can bring tragic consequences.

Sunday, June 11, 10 a.m. | A Calling for Such a Time as This — Esther

Esther — our calling as our guide.

Understanding how God may want to work “in such a time as this” requires a clear understanding of our call, and a commitment to follow it regardless of the risks involved.

About the Speaker

Gord Penner Convention 2017 speakerGord Penner and wife Laura will celebrate their 33rd anniversary on Friday night of the convention (June 9, 1984). They have four married children and one grandson. Gord began teaching in Belize right after he graduated from Steinbach Bible College. He returned to SBC as a professor of Bible, Marriage & Family, and InterCultural Ministry and has been there for 30 years. Gord loves to see people deepen their desire to dig into the Word and serve the Lord. He enjoys seeing new ministry opportunities in the conference, church, or college, and dreaming up ways of meeting those needs. In his spare time he enjoys running and golf. He believes God has placed him at SBC to keep the place from getting dull or routine.