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  • 2016 Conference Budget and Program is Revised

    April 20, 2016

    The General Board approved a revised budget for 2016, with an overall reduction of $252,000 below the budget that was previously approved at the November Conference Council meeting. The General Board considered that this was a necessary step after the large deficit was reported for 2015.

    The chairpersons of all boards met with the Board of Trustees to plan for the revised budget, and Conference staff worked diligently with the boards in finding ways to reduce spending with as little impact as possible on programming. Consideration was given to all feasible ways to reduce the budget, including the possibility of reducing staff salaries, although in the final draft of the budget, salaries were maintained.

    All five boards found the exercise very challenging, as the budget was already very lean. There were reductions in the budgets of all boards. Following are some of the impacts of this reduced budget:

    • There are fewer funds available to assist youth leaders at TRU and SBC students will receive reduced subsidies.
    • There will be fewer issues of The Messenger, from 12 to 9 this year.
    • Some church plants on subsidy have voluntarily ended their subsidy early.
    • There are fewer funds available to support developing leaders through the Leadership Development Scholarship Fund.
    • The partnership with C2C has been postponed, and church planters will not be participating in the C2C summit this year.
    • A planned training event for Mediation Teams has been cancelled.
    • Various ministry funds for workers in Mexico, Paraguay and Bolivia have been reduced or cancelled.
    • A planned increase for Associate Missionaries has been rolled back, and no new Associate Missionaries will receive funding this year.
    • Travel allowance for all missionaries, church planters, staff and boards has been reduced.
    • Subsidies to indigenous Conferences in Nicaragua, Paraguay, Mexico and Burkina Faso have been reduced.
    • Amounts allocated for future expansion has been eliminated entirely.
    • The travel subsidy for delegates attending Convention has been eliminated.
    • Funding for Convention has been reduced.

    As you can see, Conference staff and boards will need to operate very efficiently this year. However, the core ministries of the Conference will continue, and we will persevere in the implementation of our Vision-based strategic plan.

    The true nature of an organization becomes evident in the way that they respond during times of crisis. In this task of budget reductions, the boards, staff and churches have all responded in a very positive and constructive manner. It is our hope that this time of trial will help to crystalize our vision, and that the net result will be continued upward growth of the ministries that we do together as Conference.

    - Tim Dyck, for the General Board