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  • Dr. Arden Thiessen Publishes "Twenty Big Questions"

    April 14, 2016

    Dr. Arden Thiessen has served the EMC and wider church in various ways: as a minister, a professor at SBC and elsewhere, as a conference moderator—and more. He has written several books, but his latest might see more sales than any other: 20 Big Questions: Toward a Biblical Worldview for Restless Truth Seekers (self-published, 2016).

    Few EMC ministers write theology books—period—whether in specialized or common language. Thiessen, an exception, has made himself vulnerable in the service of the Church.

    So what does he write about in common language? The process of creation, free will, providence, prayer, atonement, Jesus as God and man, the Church, the End Times, heaven, hell, creation care—and more. Are some of his thoughts controversial? Readers can make their own judgments.

    The Board of Church Ministries has a constitutional task to “promote the writing and publication of Christian literature.” It did not publish the book and it has not reviewed it. Its members and staff would, likely, not agree with everything in it. However, it can make you aware of it.

    Books can be purchased from Arden Thiessen, from Hull’s Family Bookstores (Steinbach) and Die Mennonitische Post (Steinbach), and the EMC national office. The book is $10 at the national office. For book details click here.

    The Messenger will publish solicited book reviews at some point.

    - Terry Smith, Executive Secretary