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  • Good Reasons to Support EMC Ministries

    December 17, 2015

    Wondering about a good investment for your donation dollars? Here are five good reasons to support EMC ministries with your donations:

    1. Impact – EMC is committed to ministries that advance Christ’s kingdom and have eternal impact in the everyday lives of people. Whether planting churches in Canada, international missions, or compassion ministries, EMC ministries impact people with the gospel.
    2. Accountability – Conference ministries are accountable to EMC churches through the semi-annual Conference Council meetings. Delegates from all EMC Churches give overall direction and approve budgets for all Conference ministries.
    3. Spirit led and Prayer-filled – Our boards strive to listen to the Holy Spirit when giving direction to the work of our Conference. We invite participation in prayer through the monthly prayer calendar inserted in The Messenger.  Additional prayer resources are available for specific ministries that you support.
    4. EMC workers – Conference board members, staff, missionaries and church planters are from your church or your sister churches, and serve with the church’s blessing.
    5. Partnership – The work of EMC is the ministry that we do together as EMC churches. We partner together to accomplish more than any one church could do on its own. 

    We encourage everyone to make their church support a first priority. Your local church relies on each person to fund its ministries. The church, in turn, supports efforts of the EMC nationally and internationally.

    Many people also make donations beyond their home church. We invite you to make a donation in support of EMC’s national and international ministries. Choose a method of donation: call our office to make a payment over the phone, donate through our website, or mail a cheque to our office, to the order of EMC. Your contribution makes a difference.

    The combined effort of EMC churches, individuals, and estates makes it possible to carry out our ministries. As of the end of November we still need to raise $550,000 before the end of the calendar year. Thank you for your support!

    - EMC