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  • Responding to Terrorism in Paris

    November 17, 2015

    How do we respond to the violent acts of terrorism that occurred in Paris this past week? Do we secretly feel that a violent response is justified? 

    We, like many other Christians, are shocked by the violence and we grieve with the mourning families and the country of France. As EMCers, we believe that Jesus calls us to respond with love, to pray for wisdom for national leaders, and not give in to an escalated cycle of violence. Let us pray for those who grieve and let us pray for those who perpetrate further violence.  

    An EMC missionary family living in Paris reports that they are safe, but that the mood of people in Paris is somber—they are in mourning. Our hope and prayer is that despite this violence, God’s love and grace will overshadow these despicable acts and the light of Jesus will shine even brighter.

    - Tim Dyck, General Secretary, on behalf of the EMC General Board