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  • Growth Presents Opportunity

    November 17, 2016

    Located in the city of Cuauhtémoc, Mexico, is a small but growing congregation that is part of the CEMM Spanish conference, a conference with whom the EMC works quite closely.

    This is an exciting time for this small congregation, known as the Ebenezer Church. They are experiencing growth, so much so that they have outgrown their church facility and are now building an addition to accommodate.

    Earlier this year they approached EMC to see if we would be willing to assist them with their building addition, both financially and through assistance in construction. EMC Project Builders has assisted by sending $20,000 for the building project.

    Now, the EMC Board of Missions is planning to send a work team of four to six people to assist with the interior construction of the project, and is looking for people to fill this team.

    The work team is scheduled for January 13–24, 2017, which includes travel time. The approximate cost to go on the work team is $1,500 if driving and $1,800 if flying. This project has been approved by the Board of Missions.

    If you are interested in being a blessing to this congregation in Mexico by being a part of this work team contact Ken Zacharias at 204-326-6401 or email.