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  • Grateful to the Lord

    October 07, 2016

    During the month that contains Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful, first and ultimately, to the Lord Jesus Christ from whom all good things come.

    I am grateful for the EMC. While my faith in Christ did not come through it, it allows me to serve: for 11 years as a pastor and now 19 years within the national office as executive secretary.

    Terry's Family

    Manitoba is good to me. While I studied in Calgary and Saskatoon at fine institutions (SAIT and CPC), the Keystone province permitted further studies (SBC, MBBC, PTS). In the midst of this I won the heart of a Manitoba maiden and gained two sons who brought new heights into our household.

    What do I appreciate about being in Manitoba? The opportunity to serve the wider EMC and be near my in-laws. Beyond that, I say, “Sermons, seminary, and Sandilands.” To preach is basic to being a minister; placing material into print or online is a bonus. In Manitoba and beyond, it’s a delight to serve EMC and other churches that invite me to preach.

    Providence Theological Seminary’s being nearby gave me a wonderful opportunity to study part-time for a decade. My thanks go to the BCM, my wife Mary Ann, colleague Gerald D. Reimer, and professors at PTS for their encouragement.

    And being a hunter (more meat than trophy), my living near a provincial forest is convenient. Hunters are located in many EMC churches, but you might want to talk with the people at Roseisle EMC. They have lots of hunting stories.

    -Terry M. Smith