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  • Run for EMC Missions Advancement

    May 20, 2016

    On June 19, five staff from the EMC will join together to run a marathon. They will not be alone. In fact thousands of courageous people run the full or half marathon every year. So why do you need to know about what these five people are doing? Because they will be running for a purpose beyond themselves.

    Team EMC will be running to raise money for EMC Missions Advancement. The goal is to restore funds, through creative means, in areas that were cut from the budget. Funds received will be used in Mexico and Paraguay for national and missionary leadership training, outreach events, benevolence for those in need, hospitality, and more!

    The team, made up of Tim Dyck, Diana Peters, Ernie & Diane Koop, and Gerald Reimer, invite you to donate money to the EMC on their behalf. Their goal is to raise $12,000 with this run. Consider making a donation per mile run (e.g. $26, $52, $104) or dedicate your support to one of the team members. So go ahead, send in a donation on their behalf, and bless the work our missionaries are doing around the world.

    Ways to give:

    1. By sending cheque or cash to 440 Main Street, Steinbach, MB R5G 1Z5 (designate as "Missions Advancement")
    2. By calling our office to make a credit card donation (204-326-6401)
    3. By donating online (emconference.ca/donate and select “Missions Advancement”)
    4. By starting a fundraising challenge at Canada Helps and challenging your church and friends to give as well!

    Interesting Facts

    Team EMC (l-r): 
    Diana Peters, Diane Koop, Gerald Reimer, Tim Dyck
    Ernie Koop


    The average age of this team is 48 years old.

    All our ages added together comes to 241 years.

    Our goal is to run the 42100-meter marathon in 241 minutes (or less).

    - EMC