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  • Hospital Rebuilt in Tin

    April 11, 2014
    AIMM Clinic

    Elders of the village of Tin, Burkina Faso, rejoiced together with leaders of the Evangelical Mennonite Church of Burkina Faso (EEMBF) at an evening ceremony on February 16, 2014, celebrating the completed renovation of the village hospital.

    Last year, the elders had approached Mennonite church President Siaka Traore to ask for help in rebuilding the hospital, which had been abandoned for 15 years. Today the village boasts a facility which includes three hospitalization rooms that will serve children, women and men, plus a service room for the nursing staff.

    President Traore, informed of the need in Tin, contacted various Mennonite groups relating to the EEMBF. In response, combined contributions from Mennonite Central Committee, the Evangelical Mennonite Conference, and AIMM enabled the renovation work to move forward. Traore writes, “What had seemed to be a ruin seven months ago is today a jewel. Yes, this abandoned building has been renovated, to the great joy of Tin’s people.” Referring to those who contributed to the cost of the building remake, Traore continued, “You were sensitive to the need expressed by Tin’s people, you gave of yourselves and of your goods so that sick persons would have a decent place to deal with their illnesses. Thanks to each one of you.”