• The Most Famous Ship in History

    March 14, 2014
    Is it the Titanic? It’s remembered for its luxury, arrogance, and tragic loss of life. It is a “bad news” boat.

    Or it could be Noah’s Ark—a story told around the world since ancient times. Noah’s Ark is the “good news” boat, the ark of salvation.

    Titanic and Noah’s Ark promised security, but only one preserved all its passengers.

    The Latin word for ship is navis; from it we get navy, navigation, and nave. The nave is the main area for the congregation in a cathedral. The ceiling in a cathedral is shaped like the underside of a boat. The most famous ship in history is the Church.

    Is the Church a “bad news” or a “good news” ship? Both. Its message includes hard truth about ourselves, but also rescue and hope. Nothing can stop the ship Jesus is building.

    After the Titanic sank, people went to the docks to check two charts: “Saved” and “Lost.” Rev. 20 says:   “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened.” The Church is made up of those whose names are written in Jesus’ book of life. Which list are you on?

    If you’re too proud to admit you need God, the Titanic may be a metaphor for your life: headed for danger, but unwilling to heed the warnings.  Humbly climb on board God’s Ark. Jesus has provided us his lifeboat:  the Church, God’s ship for salvation.

    -David Kruse