• Ride and Eat

    March 14, 2014

    Driving into town, you see the sign: The Churches of This Community Welcome You! What a wonderful sight. There is more than one place to fill up.

    Yes, the variety of churches is confusing. Remember, though, that all truly Christian churches have much in common: the wonder of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Would someone insist on walking just because there are different brands of cars? Should a person go hungry when so many restaurants serve food?

    Don’t be distracted by brands and labels. Instead, ride and eat.

    Are you curious, skeptical, uninvolved, indifferent, hesitant? That’s fine. Choose a place to “fill up.” Ask questions.

    Read the Gospel of Luke in a modern version and study Jesus of Nazareth. How does he treat people? What does he do and say? What a mysterious, yet wonderful person he is. How can he do what he does? What happened to him?

    Keep alert in the Gospel of Luke for a person similar to you. Notice how Jesus never rejects those who ask sincere questions, while he challenges them to think and to act. What does this mean for you?

    Three helpful books are N. T. Wright, Simply Christian; C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity; John Stott, Basic Christianity. Bookstores can order them.

    Consider joining an Alpha group, a video and discussion study for those with questions; many communities have them.

    Contact one of the churches and test out their welcome. If, sadly, one proves to be less than welcoming, persist until you find another that is truly inviting.

    -Terry Smith