Nicaragua Special Projects

Bible Institute Scholarship Fund | Give to this project 
The FIEMN Church conference places much emphasis in the preparation of its present and future church pastors and leaders. Study and travel scholarships are given to adults in the conference to attend Semilla Bible School classes in Nicaragua and Guatemala.   

2019 Project Goal: $1,800

Children's Nutrition Program | Give to this project
Congregations in Nicaragua help the poor in eight communities where churches and church outreaches are located. The Social Action Committee gives undernourished children one meal three times a week. 

2019 Project Goal: $6,000

FIEMN Internet Charges Give to this project 
Communication between the EMC and the FIEMN is important for both conferences. This BOM project assists the FIEMN so that our connection is maintained.

2018 Project Goal: $600

  Hurricane Relief | Give to this project 
To assist with hurricane emergency relief.

2017 Project Goal: $10,000

  Mule Transportation | Give to this project 
When it comes to travel, pastors in the mountain regions rely on their own two feet to take them to their destinations. This can often take hours. Mules are appreciated for 

2018 Project Goal: $1,200

  Pastoral Food Hampers | Give to this project 
The Pastoral Council gives each pastor in the conference a grocery hamper four times a year. Most of these pastors are self-supported. $27 provides one hamper. 

2018 Project Goal: $3,500

Pastoral Medical Fund | Give to this project 
Medical costs can be expensive for pastors when they or members of their family require medical assistance. Medical assistance is provided to pastors and their families who serve the Nicaraguan churches. Many pastors do not receive any government medical assistance.

2019 Project Goal: $2,000