Special Projects

Entrepreneurial Efforts | Give to this project

AIMM walks alongside its African partner churches, seeking to strengthen them economically in order to expand their mission capacity. Training is provided for church members in rabbit, poultry and goat raising, gardening, welding, carpentry, and more. In some cases small loans are granted for business start-up costs. Your contributions will expand training, assist in training local trainers, and permit more start-up loans to be granted.

Congo Guesthouse | Give to this project

The Evangelical Mennonite Church of Congo (CEM) is currently building a guesthouse on its land near the Mbuji Mayi airport. This facility will serve the church by lodging members traveling for meetings and guests coming for visits. It will also earn some money for the church by housing travelers when it is not occupied for church purposes. AIMM has agreed to supply manufactured goods such as cement, rebar, roofing and nails. Your contributions will help us to carry out this agreement.

Burkina Faso Outreach | Give to this project

The Evangelical Mennonite Church of Burkina Faso has been expanding its church planting into urban areas, including Bobo Dioulasso. Currently one congregation in this city is well established, and land and a building is needed to solidify this work. The second congregation is just beginning and plans include establishing a primary school as a means of reaching out to city residents. Your contribution will help these projects to become reality.