Alto Refugio (High Refuge)

HIV/AIDS affects 19,000 people in Paraguay. Alto Refugio assists people living with HIV/AIDS by providing medical supplies, family support, and Christian counselling. Alto Refugio was started by EMC missionaries and is operated by a Board of Directors within Paraguay.

Minga Guazú Church Plant

EMC missionaries are ministering in the Minga Guazú area, located KM 18 west of the Paraguay/Brazilian border and adjacent to Ciudad del Este.     

Ministerio Buenas Nuevas (MBN), Good News Ministries

MBN is involved in radio, media, bookstore and counselling services with its central office in Tres Palmas, East Paraguay. Radio Mensajero (Radio Messenger) airs programs in Spanish, Guaraní, German, and Portuguese. A Radio Mensajero follow-up team called Estamos Contigo (With You, Our Listener) visits listeners and hosts seminars relevant themes. The Christian bookstore Librería Ñe'é Porá (Good News Bookstore) and counselling centre Despertar in the city of Caaguazú also offers to meet the needs of listeners.

OM's AIDLink

OM’s ministry called AIDSlink works in many countries with their central office in South Africa. AIDSlink’s ministry in Paraguay is located in the second largest city called Ciudad del Este.   

EMC Associate Missionaries David and Judy Schmidt receive names of people to visit through the National AIDS Center in Ciudad del Este. These people are then encouraged to attend a weekly support group led by the Schmidts. 

Dave and Judy also give educational talks in high schools and universities and are finding open doors when they offer this service to the schools. 

In everything that is done, the Schmidts look for opportunities to share the Gospel–this is their reason for being in this work.

Radio Programming

EMC Associate Missionaries Benny and Esther Goertzen with Action International Ministries are involved in radio program outreach to the region of East Paraguay. Their goal is to provide practical programs with life-changing content for commercial and community radio radio stations, engaging Christian organizations in the program production and involving local churches in the follow-up through visitation, teaching in schools, organizing seminars and providing counselling.

Eleven radio stations in East Paraguay have committed to air for free the five minute programs of Luis Palau and Toribio Franco (in Guaraní). The only one ACTION will pay for is the weekly one hour program on Radio VIRTUAL in Caaguazú. This station is connecting with Radio Mensajero and Aranda on the internet to broadcast Behold´s (CENTRO VITAL) counselling program every Tuesday night.

Tres Palmas Church

The EMC has had a relationship with the Tres Palmas Church since its beginning in 1964. Although a smaller church of about 80 people, the Tres Palmas Church is very involved in ministry within their community. The EMC Board of Missions provides financial support to the church’s mission committee, Misión Viva.

Misión Viva ministers in four areas:

  1. Lucero Hospital: providing Christ-centred medical care (including spiritual counselling and chaplaincy support) to the Tres Palmas area;
  2. Lucero Camp: through camp ministry, thousands of young people from all over Paraguay have been introduced to new life in Jesus Christ;
  3. Syrica Church: a church plant in Syrica, a town located only a few kilometres from Tres Palmas;
  4. Santa Teresa Community Outreach: ministry in Santa Teresa to the Guaraní Indians includes a church, local health clinic, and school ministry.