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Nicaragua is a beautiful country in Central America that received its independence from Spain in 1821. Although a poor country economically, the people are spiritually rich.

EMC missionaries entered Nicaragua in 1966. The churches grew and, in 1973, the first national council was chosen for the newly formed church conference: The Fraternity of Evangelical Mennonite Churches of Nicaragua (La Fraternidad de Iglesias Evangélicas Menonitas de Nicaragua, FIEMN). In 1978 the council took total responsibility for their churches when missionaries needed to leave the country temporarily because of the political turmoil.

The Board of Missions continued to support the FIEMN by providing missionaries until 1991. The conference has grown to include 32 churches and outreaches.  The FIEMN president and full-time administrator is Pastor Gerardo Chavarría who also pastors the Diriomito congregation.

The EMC Board of Missions supports the Nicaraguan churches by subsidizing their annual budget and by giving to special projects. Missionaries are not needed for the church to grow in the Nicaraguan context, and we thank the Lord for this church planting movement.