Mexico - Guadalajara

Guadalajara was founded in 1525. The city is in Jalisco State and is located five hours north of Mexico City and four hours east of Puerta Vallarta and the beautiful Pacific coast.

Although an old city, the city has not stood still and today it is a bustling city of over 6 million people that is alive with a number of top universities and educational institutions. At times nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Mexico, Zapopan, the western section of the city, is considered to be one of the the wealthiest cities in Latin America.

The Evangelical church is small in number but many feel that God’s Spirit is at work and that Mexico will have a breakthrough revival in the near future. One church leader has said that God needs to bring down the walls of this city, like he did in Jericho.

The EMC Board of Missions made the decision to place a church planting team in the city of Guadalajara in July 2010.