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Special Projects

Study Scholarships - Spanish CEMM Conference | Give to this project

The CEMM encourages its members to study in Bible School institutions as well as its own Saturday Bible Institute where classes are taught in local churches.  The EMC provides study scholarships in order for more members to attend these classes.   

2017 Project Goal: $1,000                                                         (Updated March 1, 2017)

Study Scholarships - German CME Conference | Give to this project

The Steinreich Bible School has over 200 students that attend classes between January and March each year. Classes are taught in German.  The CME is very active at the school with five CME members on the schools Board of Directors. The Board of Missions gives financial assistance to CME students to attend classes by providing annual scholarships.

2017 Project Goal: $5,000   This project is complete for 2017.      (Updated March 1, 2017)

Youth Conference - Spanish CEMM Conference | Give to this project

Provide assistance for eleven CEMM youth to attend a nationional youth conference in Veracruz. Designation: MW-Camp Ministry

Project Goal: $800