Doug and Christal Barkman (Heartland Community Church) with Greater Europe Mission in Canada

Garry and Cynthia
 (Blumenort Community Church) with Ethnos Canada in Washington | Blog

Tiffany* (Ridgewood)

Elvira Cote (Endeavour Fellowship Chapel) with Healing Hearts in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Venus Cote (Reserve Fellowship Chapel) with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission in New Brunswick

Amber Dueck (Morweena) with Teach Beyond in Asia

Kent and Sandy Dueck with Inner City Youth Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Workers* in Asia

Jake and Christy*
(Morweena) in Asia

Arlyn van Enns
 (La Crete) with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission in Northern Alberta

Lesley and Marianne Fast (Blumenort EMC) with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Eurasia

James and Carol* (La Crete)

David and Kim Field
 (Steinbach EMC) with Ethnos Canada in Wisconsin | Blog

Workers* in Africa

Mary Beth and Allen George (Blumenort) with SIM in Peru

Benny and Esther Goertzen (Grace FEBC) with Action in Paraguay

in Asia

Dwayne and Shannon Klassen
 (Community Bible Fellowship) with Teach Beyond/Quest in Canada | Website | Youtube | Twitter

Phil and Ellen Koop (Kleefeld EMC) with Ethnos 360 in Arizona

Rolf and Angela Kruse (Rosenort Fellowship/Kola EMC) with SIM in Canada | Blog

Workers* in Canada/Asia

Albert and Edna
 (Steinbach EMC) with Athletes in Action in Canada Blog

E. and S.* (Prairie Rose) in Colorado

Jeremy and Adrienne Penner (Community Bible Fellowship) with MB Mission in Asia

Melvin and Kari Peters (La Crete) with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Kenya

Phil and Tamera Peters (Steinbach EMC) with Teach Beyond in Germany

Heidi Plett (Prairie Rose EMC) with Africa Inland Mission in Chad

Jessica and Ben Plett Prairie Rose EMC) with Inner City YOuth Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kyla Plett (Prairie Grove) with InterAct Ministries in Northern Manitoba

Sandra Plett
 (Ridgewood EMC) with MB Mission in Mexico

Andrew and Amie Reimer (Steinbach EMC) with Inner City Youth Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba

John and Marcia* in Europe

S and L* (Steinbach EFC) in Canada

Rich and Joyelle Sayer
 (Ridgewood) with Action International

Dave Schmidt (Rosenort EMC) with OM in Paraguay

Marvin and Heidi*
(Rosenort Fellowship Chapel) with Avant Ministries in Spain | Blog

Tim and Laurel Schroder (Pelly Fellowship Chapel) with Ethnos Canada in Papua New Guinea

Gordon and Sharon Skopnik (Wymark EMC) with Avant Ministries in Ontario/South Sudan | Blog

Anthony and Karlene Thiessen (La Crete) with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in Mexico

Harvey and Brenda Thiessen (Wymark EMC) with Operation Mobilization in Ontario | OM’s Blog

Workers* in Eastern Europe

Jeremy Zehr (Aberdeen EMC) with Inner City Youth Alive in Winnipeg, Manitoba

*Information is withheld to protect workers in restricted access countries.