Remain in Me:
 Reflections and practices for ordering, nurturing and protecting our inner life so that we may thrive in the midst of the rigours of life and ministry in chaotic times.

Does your life ever feel like it’s coming apart at the seams? Do the cares, concerns, and words of ministry fill your mind with such noise that you long for silence? Come apart to a quiet place to pay attention to the Lover of your soul. Seek a communion with Christ that orders, nurtures, and protects the inner life. Discover helpful practices for thriving in the midst of the rigours of life and ministry in chaotic times.

This will be three days spent with other too-often busy, harried ministers, pastors, deacons, missionaries and spouses who yet know that their true strength comes from returning to Jesus and sitting, like Mary, at his feet to listen and learn. A weekend of refreshment, great food, lasting friendship and worship.


Jacob and Arlene Friesen

Jacob and Arlene have spent 23 years in pastoral ministry, including lead pastor, youth and worship roles. Team ministry has been a blessing for most of their married life, but they have also had separate roles in denominational leadership (Jacob-EMMC) and teaching (Arlene-SBC). Jacob loves to be on two wheels, whether on his motorbike or mountain bike. Arlene loves the trail, whether on bike or foot, and creating a garden haven in their Winnipeg backyard. When it comes to the inner life, Jacob's challenge is the practice of solitude and stillness. His growing edge is new freedom and joy in being still with Jesus and also others. Arlene's challenge is to surrender control. Her growing edge is living in the present moment and knowing God as Lover.

I have been blessed...

to be included within the EMC ministerial and have received much encouragement, wisdom and care at each Ministerial retreat that my wife Debbie and I have had the opportunity to attend. It is a worthwhile and helpful investment of time and resources that has strengthened my resolve to serve in the midst of difficulty, clarified my calling as a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ, and provided meaningful connections within the EMC family. Scott Dick



Our soul is like a stream of water, 
which gives strength, direction,
and harmony to every
other area of our life.
When that stream is
as it 
should be,
we are constantly refreshed
and exuberant in all we do,

because our soul itself is
then profusely rooted
in the vastness of 
and his kingdom,
including nature;
and all else within us is 
and directed by that stream.
Therefore we are
in harmony 
with God,
reality, and the rest of
human nature
and nature at large.

Dallas Willard

In Renovation of the Heart