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Upcoming Events

Abundant Springs

May 15-18, 2015

EMC Project Builders Golf Classic

June 18, 2015

EMC Convention

July 3-5, 2015

EMC Ministerial

July 3, 2015

EMC Conference Council

July 4, 2015

MWC Assembly Gathered

July 21-26, 2015


News Updates

Reflections on Abundant Springs
May 19, 2015

Conference Pastor Ward Parkinson shares.
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S.S. Materials Connect Military Veterans and Peace Churches
May 14, 2015

Free online course available to churches.
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Early Rains Have Come, But This Only Sounds Like Good News
May 7, 2015

In proper amounts, water is life-giving.
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MCC Responding to Nepal Disaster
April 28, 2015

Initial response will include food and shelter support in remote areas.
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