EMC Events

Please note that this a summary page of all recurring EMC events.

Abundant Springs

This biannual EMC youth retreat is focussed on discipleship for students grade 9-12. It features main sessions and workshops, entertainment guests, recreation activities and tons of worship in song. It is planned for and aimed at EMC students in our churches across the country. It takes place on the Briercrest Bible College campus in Caronport, Saskatchewan.

Conference Council

The Conference Council is the twice-annual General Meeting of the EMC. It is scheduled as part of the Convention weekend in summer and again near the end of December. Among the regular business of the Council is electing members to EMC boards and reviewing and approving the annual Conference budget. It is also a time to network, hear reports of work being done within EMC and its outreach programs and discuss issues of concern in the Conference. It is also the body with final authority on Conference policies and these decisions are made at the meetings.


The EMC Convention is the annual EMC gathering for the purpose of worshipping, networking and planning together. It is held every summer on a weekend. The weekend includes a conference council meeting, a ministerial meeting and three inspirational sessions as well as activities and meals together. The location varies every year as different regions take turns hosting. Speakers may be from EMC or may be authors and Christian leaders from other parts of the Christian church.

Day of Prayer

Prayer is essential to the ministry of our Conference, and God is delighted when we share our hearts for the ministries that advance His kingdom. There are many prayer initiatives, but once a year, EMC Missions places special emphasis on prayer for our EMC missionaries and church planters on a specific Sunday. Prayer requests are submitted by our workers, and a package is distributed to each of our churches with ideas of how to promote prayer for these workers on the Day of Prayer and throughout the year.

Discover Your Ministry Potential (DYMP)

Sponsored by the BLO together with the Board of Missions. The event is held in a variety of regions, normally over a weekend. There is no set date at this time. The DYMP is designed for church attendees who are considering leadership roles and exploring their gifts for ministry. The weekend includes each person learning about their own gifts and personality traits. There is a chance for attendees to speak to a conference representative about opportunities for service in the conference. The weekend also includes inspirational talks. Presenters are normally Conference Staff.

Missionary Fellowship

EMC Missions is privileged to have approximately 100 missionaries serving in over 20 countries through EMC administered fields and EMC Associate Partners. Once a year, we gather missionaries who are on home assignment, along with past missionaries for an evening of fellowship and prayer. We also use the opportunity to recognize and celebrate those missionaries who are retiring from full-time service. Sometimes we also provide inservice training for current missionaries during the day leading up to the evening of the Missionary Fellowship.

Ministerial Days

Held every summer on Fridays as part of EMC Convention and alternating winters the day before Conference Council. Ministerial meetings are designed for church leaders in the EMC although only credentialed leaders are able to vote on theological issues. The topics are often inspirational or to enhance the skills of church leaders in their roles. Sometimes they focus on theological issues. Networking is an important part of the Ministerial meetings. (Past meeting)

Ministerial Retreat

Held in alternating winters (in place of the Fall Ministerial meeting) beginning on Saturday after Conference Council and going till Monday. The Retreat is designed for all church pastoral staff and their spouses. It is meant to be relaxing and refreshing. Speakers are normally brought in from outside the conference ministerial and cover a variety of topics designed for the health and growth of attendees.

New Leaders Orientation

Normally held in winter from Saturday evening after Conference Council till Sunday. (The NLO is held in years alternating with the Ministerial Retreat). The NLO is designed for pastors who are new to ministry or to ministry within EMC. Speakers are normally EMC office staff, Conference Moderator or other leaders familiar with EMC. Topics include history and culture of EMC as well as a look at the future of the conference.

Prayer Team Trips

Prayer teams are sent out to minister to EMC missionaries and those they serve alongside of in each of EMC's administered fields. 

Project Builders AGM

Project Builders Golf Tournament



Project Builders Events


This biannual EMC youth leaders’ retreat seeks to equip and bless the workers of our conference. It features main sessions and workshops, lots of team-building time, and refreshment and fellowship with fellow workers from around the country. It takes place in Manitoba.

Young Adult Retreat

This annual EMC retreat is for those between the ages of 18 and 25ish. It features main sessions and workshops and uniquely lots of interaction and relaxed fellowship throughout the weekend. Currently the event happens in both Manitoba and Alberta, with more locations hopefully coming soon.