To the Ends of the Earth | What was Jesus talking about when he said we would be his ‘witnesses’ in Acts 1:8? We will explore the book of Acts to see what it teaches us about mission close to home—and mission far from home.
Carl Loewen Carl serves as the Missions Professor at SBC and enjoys taking teams of students to explore cross-cultural ministries in countries like the Philippines, Germany, and Uganda. 
Spiritually Effective Youth Ministry If you are currently wearing a leader wristband then this workshop is specifically for you. Come explore the key to being the most effective youth leader possible (Matt. 6:33). Coffee and baked goods will be available!  Mo Friesen Mo is married to Karen. He’s been a youth pastor for 16 years. He is passionate about Jesus, his kids, fishing and guitars. 
The Illusory Truth Effect: Sexual Lies Becoming Truth (Guys Only) | Bring your questions as Dallas talks about common sexual lies and how they become truth through the ‘Illusory Truth Effect.’ We’ll talk about abstinence, sexual identity, pornography and a bunch of other stuff that would make your grandpa blush.  Dallas Kornelsen Dallas works at The Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Winnipeg and travels across Manitoba talking to youth about healthy sexuality. He has two superpowers that he will reveal in his workshop. 
Sex: Whose Line is it Anyway? (Girls Only) | Do you sometimes feel confused about the messages you hear surrounding sex? When our culture says one thing and our church says another, it’s easy to feel puzzled. What’s the big deal? And more importantly, where is the line that defines what’s okay in relationships? Let’s talk about it.  Sheri-lee Krymusa Sheri-Lee has 15 years of experience in various youth ministries. She currently volunteers with Winnipeg Crisis Pregnancy Centre in their Healthy Sexuality Education Program.  
Friends Gotta Help Friends | Almost all of us probably know someone who is affected by substance use or abuse. Statistics show that drug use is on the rise worldwide and Canada is not immune. We will talk about how to love a friend who’s using, the signs and symptoms to watch for, how to help a struggling friend, and the importance of involving others.  Brenda Brown Since the 1900’s Brenda has been helping youth. Currently she manages a high-risk youth program with the RCMP. She’s a great story-teller and a bad dancer. When she’s not helping youth she’s either with her husband and four kids or out doing shenanigans with her besties. 
Faith and Mental Illness Over 20% of Canadians will experience mental illness. Canada’s youth suicide rate is the highest in the developed world. Where is God in the midst of this crisis? What should a Christian do when they or someone they love is dealing with a mental illness? And how should we, the church, respond to this crisis?  Dan Dacombe Daniel is a lifelong student of psychology, and has worked with at-risk youth for over 15 years. He has been a professional counsellor since 2010.  
Reviving a Practice of Prayer Our practice of prayer often reveals what we truly believe about God. The workshop is going to seek to revive a practice of prayer that keeps our focus squarely on Jesus, the complete revelation of God.  Patrick Friesen Patrick is married to Trudy, father of Kristen and Hannah, and most importantly a follower of Jesus. I may not get it right all the time, but I keep my eyes on Jesus and that’s where prayer comes in. In my spare time I enjoy biking. 
How to 'Like' Yourself on Social Media | Your every click and keystroke has a direct value. So does how we spend one of God’s most precious resources—our time. From a marketing specialist, learn what is in your news feed and why. We will discuss social pressure, media bias, and time management. Reframing our approach to social media helps reclaim our identity and increase our self-respect and our ability to like ourselves.  Sara Dacombe Sara has worked in communication for the big three—Politics, Education, and Religion. She currently stays sharp managing social media for gourmet foods and sword-manufacturing clients. 
Church Planting | What is God doing in other parts of the world…  Jeremy and Adrienne Penner Jeremy and Adrienne and their daughter serve in Southeast Asia.
What it means to be a Mennonite What does your last name have to do with being a Mennonite? We will address the stereotypes of what a Mennonite is and then use some resources to offer a more accurate framework and understanding that is rooted in a particular way of living out the Gospel of Jesus over any cultural or ethnic definition.  Chris Hughes Chris Hughes is: In Christ, Husband to Rachel, Father to Joshua and one more on the way, and Associate Pastor at Abbeydale Christian Fellowship in Calgary.