Danny Mackay | The National Youth Committee is pleased to welcome Danny Mackay as our speaker. Danny's message inspires people to be passionate about Christ and the call to build His kingdom. Taking the gospel to some of the most unreached parts of the world is at the heart of his work. Whether unsaved, seeking, or believers looking for the next level, he has something for them all. Combining humour and depth, Danny's ability to bring Scripture to life moves listeners to a deeper love for God and a commitment to reach the world around them. Danny is a National Ambassador of I Am Second.


West of Here |

The Boy + The Sea |


Christian Cruz |


Upside Down Productions |


Edwards Chapel Activity Stations | The Hub will draw you in as the place to meet tons of new people and engage in loads of interactive and fun activities, including live entertainment.


The Showdown | Abundant Springs is not a spectator sport but is all about engagement. And this includes the Showdown where you and your friends compete against other youth in some wild challenges on the Main Stage!