EMC Vision and Values

The General Board approved the development of a Strategic Planning process in July 2010. A Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) was created and given the responsibility to oversee the process, reporting to the General Board. The SPTF began by focusing on the Core Values of the Conference. They visited most EMC churches across the country giving opportunity to speak about our shared values. From this engagement with churches, a final list of five core values was presented.

The task force then met with representatives from all boards to discuss a Vision statement to guide our Conference into our preferred future. This group met for prayer, discernment and the beginnings of a vision statement. A small group continued the work of developing a vision statement which was presented to the Conference Council in July 2012. After several refinements, the Vision and Values statements were approved by Conference Council in July 2013.

Today, work continues on developing strategic initiatives that flow out of this Vision, supported by our values.