A conference of 62 churches averaging 7700 worshippers in five provinces ministering in about two dozen countries.

The Evangelical Mennonite Conference centres our faith, as does scripture, in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

We are indebted to the Protestant Reformation. We are a part of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, the Mennonite World Conference, Mennonite Central Committee, the Council of Anabaptist International Ministries, and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

As Evangelical, scripture is our final authority in faith and practice; we believe in Christ’s finished work on the cross; and live in discipleship based on Christ and scripture.

As Mennonite, we follow Christ daily in life; baptize upon confession of faith; live our faith together as a church family; and express social concern, partly through a commitment to non-violence.

As a Conference, we encourage our local churches, work together in evangelism and wider mission in Canada and the world. We are a conference with national boards, and a conference council (delegate assembly) that meets twice a year.

Women serve on national boards, as council delegates, as missionaries, and within local churches; while they can be selected locally as ministers, the conference does not provide for their ordination.

About 75 percent of our Conference budget goes toward church planting and mission work in Canada and elsewhere. There is an increasing rural to urban shift in membership and mission attention.

EMC began in Russia in 1812 and the church migrated in 1874–1875 to North America. We are increasingly diverse in cultural and church backgrounds.